We have the finest of infrastructure, facilities and amenities, but we know that this is not sufficient to establish a school that believes in holistic education. Imparting education is not an ordinary process that is restricted solely to the use of chalk and blackboard. At Dhruv, educators are not programmed to simply pass on knowledge and facts over to the students. Our educators teach them to logically think and reason, ask questions, discover, develop problem solving skills, foster care and concern for fellow beings and execute every task entrusted to them with efficiency, responsibility and dedication.

To ensure sound teaching practices, selected candidates are professionally screened before recruitment. The basic 5 qualities that we seek and aim to develop in a teacher are: –‘Vision, Passion, Integrity, Connectivity and Intelligence’. We have the finest faculty from different parts of India as well as abroad.

In order to improve and increase the overall performance of the faculty we organize and participate in a variety of workshops, seminars, conferences and team building exercises. These workshops play a vital role in upgrading the knowledge base and the latest trends in education. Educators are specially oriented to Dhruv ideology, through a series of workshops at the beginning of the year and through in – service workshops throughout the year. We have developed a unique system for Quality Recruitment, Learning and Development, Performance Management, Reward Management and Employee Relations and retention.

We emphasis experiential learning as a powerful tool for human development and this learning practice has been diligently followed at all levels.

The stress is not on teaching, but on making the children self learners, by being their friend and guide. The unique and innovative evaluation process of Dhruv helps the facilitators identify the areas, where additional work needs to be done. Lessons, projects, assignments are then planned accordingly.

The teacher – students’ ratio of 1: 15 ensures a very high degree of personal attention.